visvim Product Introspection: Kamiko

Through Hiroki Nakamura's unique vision and relentless effort to unearth and explore the finest and rarest artisan techniques visvim provide us with a greater insight into a specific telling point of the new season. Focusing on 'kamiko', a unique textile made from Japanese washi paper, the process can only be completed by highly trained hands and is labour intensive. Consisting of pealing, bleaching, boiling, beating and drying tree bark, the process takes 10 days and results in just 4kg of fabric from 100kg of tree bark. The art form dates back to the Edo period, the highest quality Hon Mino washi is now produced by as few as ten artisans. Take a closer look below at stills from the process and visvim product while you can head over to the visvim website to watch a well compiled video.