Our Legacy SPLASH / Exclusive AW2017 Pre-Collection Polaroids

Exclusive AW17 Pre-Collection Polaroids

Photography _ Fredrik Pettersson

Writer _ David Hellqvist

As we’re treated to an exclusive and unseen insight into the Splash campaign, Legacy sets the scene for the new Pre-Collection: “The red sun rises over low housing and pecan trees. A tall man in track pants and hoodie pedals his way over the hills. Outside the greeneries a young girl in her brother's team jersey meets up with a woman in a knitted ringer t-shirt and checked shorts. By the wired fence, boys and girls, youth in jeans and embroidered shirts pour out of a minivan. Seemingly coming from all over, at 8 they are all by the courts.”

No one does Cruise and Pre-Collections like Our Legacy. They don’t call them that of course, but essentially that’s what they are... Those in-between collections that fill the gap between SS and AW. Who buys clothes for autumn and spring anyway? Not only does that seasonal labelling, at any given time, only apply to a fraction of people around the globe but the seasons are changing anyway: heat waves in winter and snow blizzards in summer. This is the stuff that will actually sell, that creates a seamless sartorial narrative between the main lines.

It’s also a nice way of getting a peak-a-boo into what’s to come. This SPLASH tells of a Western-inspired sportswear main collection that looks at the two things that “civilized the West”: Sports and Suburbs. There’s a healthy dose of Legacy classics, mixed with athletic goods and Western-rubbed sportswear. All in all, a stellar splash of Legacy.

Our Legacy SPLASH is available from today, April 28, 2017 from the Our legacy online store.