A letter from the Editor


Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, 

May we offer a warm welcome to what we hope will be your favoured on-line destination for the consumption of seasoned and slow cooked cultural information from the creative industries…THE NEW ORDER/ online.

You may know us from such movies as ‘Print Editions 1 -19’ and now you will get the chance to encounter a steady and organic  disseminated feed of the good stuff, at a pace that allows you to digest and not suffer indigestion  •ED. there will be no pepto bismol pop ups on here•

Our aim as an international team with our respective HQ’s in Tokyo and London is to seek out stories to provide original content that is strong and unique, sought out and tracked down.

Our objective at the THE NEW ORDER/ online is to move away from everything having to be consumed now, the culture of instant gratification – we like to take our time, ignoring the rat race and the white noise we proceed with integrity in a dignified manner.

We will always attempt to create something that is pure and true pushing the philosophy of SLOW CULTURE, delivering you the reader, a considered & veritable feast, taking the form of regular columns, fashion editorials and some larger opinion features that will either be time sensitive to cultural moments or perhaps fall outside of our print window.


The New Order/ Cover archive

We believe that you can live anywhere and have a window to everywhere via the internet – we will make a point to focus on brands, people, culture and sub cultures from all over the globe and bring them home ..

At launch, now, as you are reading this you will be able to access the likes of NOAH CEO Brendon Babenzien and hotter than the sun UK fashion design talent Paria Farzaneh, answering our ‘5 things’ questions, gain access to the highlights of Creative Director extraordniaire Julian Ganios year via his iphone library and get voyeuristic like a peep show freak looking at new Parisian sex sensations Carne Bollente' in our 'The Itinerants’ section ….Indulge in the creative process and brilliant mind of Jobe Burns … and a whole lot more to whet the appetites.

Basically we hope you love this and return to it like your favourite restaurant or drinking joint … 

NOTE : 2019 sees our Big Brother in print turn 10 years old, we will be celebrating this landmark achievement via publishing past archive pieces that you may have missed … Now keep on keeping on folks, the world is a double double good place.

Peace - Team TNO

Daniel Titchener