Five Things - Rob Cristofaro


One of the true originals and pioneers of the New York streetwear scene Alife is well and truly back. Helmed by original co-founder Rob Cristofaro and Treis Hill, the brand already have a string of standalone releases and exciting collaborations over the next few months. We caught up with Cristofaro at the Alife studio in Lower Manhattan to get his “5 Things”

What was the moment that changed your world ?

I would have to say the day that my daughter came into my world. It is the step up from boy to man. Clarity sets in and it became time to level up.


Where in the world is your physical and spiritual home ?

I have a retreat in the mountains of upstate New York that is small, surrounded by nature and houses some of my most personal possessions. This is where I recharge and detox from the constant bombardment of creative and business.


What does the world need now ?

I am a Sagittarius and really believe that we are just along for the ride, but, I do think that the children of today are in need of our generation instilling ethics such as hard work and respect in a day of social media prevalence. The kids are very smart and growing up in a totally new world compared to my generation. I love watching it happen and am constantly amazed at how generous and kind my daughter and her friends are.


Who and what rocks your world ?

I think the constant evolution of technology is something that I am consistently adapting my work around. As one of the tools that I use on the daily my iMac Pro is killing the game. I love to work with my hands as well but as a tool to import and manipulate my concepts and works there is nothing like it.

How do you use the world to inspire your creative process?

The ability to create and self market to a global audience is at everyones disposal. Instagram is the contemporary portfolio. I have always tried to stay away from trending subject matter which nowadays is virtually impossible once you jump online. Personally speaking, I like to put forth concepts or product that resonates with me for whatever reason. A lot of the works I create touch upon my youth and nostalgia. Growing up in New York and sharing specific life experiences through product/art releases to our global audience brings me great joy. So to wrap up this question I think the immediate response of the people every time that we drop product/art is what inspires me to continue doing what I love.

Photography / Adam Titchener @adamtitchener/

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