Five Things - William Strobeck


From a childhood in Syracuse to the Love Park skate scene in the late nineties to classic work with Alien Workshop to Supreme’s magnus opus' in Cherry and Blessed, William ‘Bill’ Strobeck is slowly but surely re-defining a genre stylistically - via introducing his inimitable visual culture of romance and a love affair with skateboarding and adapting it to direct the neu garde of skate video content.

Sublime, tireless attention to detail, hard fucking work and an obvious synergy with his subjects arguably makes him the most important videographer in skateboarding for some time - his ability to be guided by kinships and manifest beautiful content with a sense of abandon and focus on the loners makes for ethereal content and mesmerising viewing … theres a badland-esque quality to the work from Dylan to Dill to Tyshawn, Bill has documented moments that will live forever and long may he continue to document those who change and up the game.

What was the moment that changed your world ?

Probably when "Cherry" came out. I feel like i never felt the feelin of making something that big by myself, before that i was filming and giving the footage to companies and they’d make what they wanted with it...but I made some online little videos but "Cherry" made me feel like i can make anything at any level after that.


Where in the world is your physical and spiritual home ?

As much as I've hated the quick change here New York City is still everything to me… it's like a place where you can be yourself and feels like it is a good upbringing for people that didnt have parents that raised them right.


What does the world need now ?

Quite frankly, a lot... people need to put down the phone and live real life. If you are not contributing to living real life and being out in the streets and living nightlife then everything is going to become boring. The young generation needs to listen to the older generation... I love the generation before mine; that said im guilty of using the phone, but I’d like to back it down some.


Who and what rocks your world ?

The 80's and the 90's... I lived it so I get hyped to re-visit those times. I wish I was a little older in the 80's to really experience the night life, but i was a good age in the 90's so…

How do you use the world to inspire your creative process?

Surround myself with interesting people, making the right moves. I’m overly aware which is good and bad... but I try to use it to guide myself through life; as much as life can seem up and down it is a gift and I love the journey. Anyone born is lucky to try life.


Photography / Adam Titchener @adamtitchener/

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