Oliver Payne - The Itinerants

Oliver Payne is a London born artist living and working in Los Angeles. He is the video games correspondent for Flash Art magazine and runs a clothing label called CHILL OUT RELAXING CLOTHES.

The Itinerants - An insight into the personal and private lives of global nomads driven and guided by their passion and innate ability within the creative industries. All images provided from the libraries of their phones and devices.



My studio in MacArthur Park , Los Angeles.



I use real stickers and pages from books for my Candy Crush Collage’s but all the rest is done with my phone. I use it to make work all the time.



I saw this guy on a trashcan at Disneyland. Mop with a broom does not fuck around !



I went to London to make a film for HRS shoes. Here is Lucien Clarke at the barbers.



Hahaha. Neon Geneses Evangelion water. Are you mad !!



Instagram video for Supreme using a Tamiya Hornet. Driving it around the El Mirage dry lake bed at sunset was buzzing.



Work in progress for some collages for Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday



The metal stick thing outside the coffee shop looks exactly like Andy Warhol



In Tokyo with Keiichi Tanaami for his new show at Nanzuka gallery Keiichi Tanaami is one of my favorite artists and I was lucky enough to collaborate with him a few years ago.



Cav Empt made this insane, huge carpet for a screening in Milan of a film I made with them called The Clothes Themselves. I now have some of it in my studio.



Trying on samples of new CHILL OUT RELAXING CLOTHES.



Mostly, I love my family. On the beach in Ventura, CA

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