TOGA Small Pouch

TOGA Small Pouch


Black Leather

We wanted to make something fun and simple with Toga, so we decided to use kanji for happiness (福) and auspiciousness (寿). on their classic leather bags.  

Designed by Yasuko Furuta. Furuta studied fashion design and patterning at Esmod Japon and Esmod Paris. In 1997, she established her first brand TOGA in Tokyo. In 2005, TOGA began presenting its collections in Paris, and in 2014, in London. to its main collection "TOGA", which continues to present in runway shows, TOGA also currently produces its shoe line "TOGA PULLA SHOE", pre-collection line "TOGA PULLA", and menswear line "TOGA VIRILIS", and exclusivelys offers agents one-off pieces under the label “TOGA PICTA” at its directly managed shops.

100% Leather

(Please note this product ships from Japan)

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