Five Things - CMMN SWDN


A partnership in Life and Work, Swedish Designers Emma Hedlund and Saif Bakir met in 2004 and formed their ever progressive label CMMN SWDN in 2012. 
Always seemingly calm and at ease with the balance of their lives together, we visited the couples east london studio ahead of their AW19 show at Paris Fashion Week to ask them 5 things.  

What was the moment that changed your world ?

S&E: Moving to London to start our fashion degrees was a turning point that we believe changed our worlds. 

We met some amazing people that helped shape who we are today. 


Where in the world is your physical and spiritual home ?

S: London is where i feel most at home. Having moved around most part of my life, London has been home the longest. 

Spiritually I’m living like one of the characters in a Tom Ford movie. 

E: Having lived at so many different places past years I always feel that home is where my friends and family are.

I no longer need a physical place in order to feel that I have a home. My spiritual home must be London. it is still the most multicultural and open minded city I have lived in. 


What does the world need now ?

CMMN: Unity! its seems that the world has been lacking a lot of that in the past few years.

As if humanity have forgotten about the past and are heading for a new human disaster.

Who and what rocks your world ?

CMMN: Michel jackson


How do you use the world to inspire your creative process?

CMMN:  We always find inspiration in our surroundings and what could be more inspiring than our world that is multicultural and diversity.

Travelling is a big part of our work and it is always inspiring to visit new places. With internet and social media the world has quickly become smaller granting us access to culture and areas we normally woudn't have time or possibilities to visit. A place, its culture and inhabitants, the colours, architecture..that is often things we base our seasonal themes and colours on. 

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