Isaac Larose - The Itinerants

Isaac Larose is generally known for his personal style and being the co founder of Larose Paris a contemporary headwear company who’ve worked with various brands including Missoni, Our Legacy, Jacquemus, Sunspel, Bed J.W. Ford…

Outside of fashion he’s been is charge of the creative direction, promotion and hosting of various nights and hospitality concepts. His most recents are the Jazz & Tarot evenings at Datcha (Montréal) and the speakeasy Nenuphar in his hometown Quebec city.

A new fashion project: EDEN power corp will be launched this year.

Isaac is currently based in Montreal, Canada

The Itinerants - An insight into the personal and private lives of global nomads driven and guided by their passion and innate ability within the creative industries. All images provided from the libraries of their phones and devices.

1- Isaac Larose The New Order.JPG


I always travel light and cheap. Everyone that knows me clearly understand that I’m not into luxury travelling. I take the overnight bus to go to New York and mostly stay in Hostels for all of my personal and work travels

2-Larose Paris X Missoni X Pinard et filles The new order natural wine.JPG


Behind the scenes of our Missoni X Larose shoot at the Pinard et Filles vineyard. They make amazing natural wines

3-Travelling with Florence.JPG


Visiting the Tam Bao Son Monastery

4-Earth Ship Retreat.JPG


Learning more about Earthship building construction & self-sufficiency during one our last vacation. Both for personal and professional research

5-Lost a tooth in a car crash.JPG


Chipped a tooth in a small car crash during one my weekly commute between Montreal and Quebec city

6-Luc Farmer Isaac Larose Micro Greens The New Order.JPG


Dad showing us is microgreens cultivation skills

7-Behind The scene of Florence Cyrano shoot featuring Patrick Doherty land art the new order.jpeg


Location scooting / Patrick Dougherty land art.

8-Florence Provencher Proulx Eden Power Corp Isaac Larose The new order.JPG


Florence testing the EDEN power corp. hologram fan.

9-inspiration Eden Power Corp.jpeg


Huge yurt built around a tree.

10 Eden Power corp Kami Laliberté Laurence Matte The New Order.jpg


Stumbled upon these cool kids during my last trip in Mexico. Laurence is a Montreal based DJ. Kami is 19 and used to be a F4 driver, he also happens to be the son of Cirque du Soleil founder, Guy Laliberté.

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